• Public affairs officer. Composed, designed, and photographed Coast Guard/DHS print collateral and HTML emails. Developed streaming content and animation for recruiting website. Developed online marketing solutions to synergize the new USCG recruiting brand identity, ‘The Shield of Freedom’ with the print and television campaign.
  • Art director,
    The New York Red Bulls
    2016 Media Guide. 
    Harrison, NJ
  • Art director, The New York Rangers
    2013-14 and 2014-15 Media Guides
    and Playoff Guides. 
    New York, NY
  • Art director,
    2014 holiday web and email
    promotional design for the fashion division. 
    New York, NY
  • Art director, direct mail, point-of-purchase
    and other  print collateral for MasterCard,
    Optimum and John Lewis, UK. 
    New York, NY

  • Junior art director. Worked with the creative director in the creation of print and media campaigns for health service providers, universities and public utilities services. Print collateral, slim-jims and direct mailing collateral, billboards and patient education collateral were the cornerstone of my responsibilities. Collaborated with outside multimedia studios in the creation of Flash, ASP, and JAVA based websites.
    Philadelphia, PA
  • Graphic artist in the Global Design Center. Maintained the premier brands including Campbell’s Soup, Prego, Godiva and Pepperidge Farms. Created and maintained various brand identities by developing new package and label designs. Developed multimedia presentations and other digital media (screensavers, emails, etc.) Created PoP print collateral (direct mailers, slim-jims, coupons, nutrition pamphlets.) Performed in-field market research on competitors. Assisted the Bill Lunderman, Vice President of the Global Design Centre with special projects.
    Camden, NJ
  • Graphic artist, later design studio manager. Simultaneously managed the creative direction of more than twenty plus ad campaigns for both regional and local retail and service providers. Published clients include Prudential Real Estate, Volkswagen, Heineken and other major advertisers within The Ruxton Group. Responsible for designing, proofing, and placing the adverts created in and out-of-studio. Supervised and coordinated a staff of two junior and two senior designers. Worked closely with account managers in the production of full-colour display print ads. Migrated Philadelphia Weekly towards digital pagination from paste-up to Adobe InDesign.
    Philadelphia, PA
  • Art director for DM, PoP, web banners and other print assignments, in house and remotely with Chicago. 
    Los Angeles, CA, New York, NY, Chicago, IL
  • Senior designer, Verizon outdoor and print brand refresh, “Can You Hear Me Now” campaign. 
    Orange County, CA
  • Art director for DirecTV and Verizon direct mail campaigns. 
    Orange County, CA.
  • Senior designer, Jaguar and Land Rover full-page adverts, brochures and billboards. 
    Orange County, CA
  • Senior designer, healthcare. 
    Orange County, CA
  • Senior designer, land sales and acquisition print collateral and web banners. 
    Philadelphia, PA
  • Senior designer, pharmaceutical packaging and print collateral for Pfizer and Merck. 
    Philadelphia, PA
  • Senior designer, maternity series print collateral, “You and Your Baby.” 
    Philadelphia, PA
PrePress & Production
Adobe Creative Suite
Responsive Design



Meri Guylan—Interactive Account Manager, Aquent, Inc. “Ethan is amazingly talented. He is a rarity in the creative market today because of his vast knowledge.His skills range from art direction, branding, concept work all the way to hands-on design and production. Ethan is also an exceptional writer, and can whip up great copy in minutes.His professionalism and positive attitude will make any client want to jump on the ‘Ethan Train.’”


There are so many things in this world that bring us that certain “wow” factor. Here is a group of them in one place that are top-shelf for me—they range from commercial to print to, well, anything. Some things are just plain funny. This list is updated as I find those special nuggets,  so be sure to check in regularly.

“The Lobster”

Colin Farrell, Rachel Weisz, and John C. Reilly find themselves in a dystopian future when people must find love or be transformed into animals.

Moloko: Sing it Back

One of my favorite tracks ever. Such a simple, stylish, minimalistic classic.

Massive Attack: Young Fathers—Voodoo In My Blood

“A Floating Orb Menaces Rosamund Pike in This Disturbing New Massive Attack Video.” Visually gorgeous.

Ex Machina

A fun, intelligent, thoughtfully-terrifying science fiction morsel that flew under the radar.

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