Ethan Gabriel Hunt

Art Director
New York City

Digital | Print | Environmental

I am obsessed with aesthetic.
I'm in your pixels and fine print.
Have a look through my latest work.

Major League Soccer

My "goal"—making assets in print, web and digital “talk“ to each other using almost the entire Adobe Creative Suite.
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New York Red Bulls

Red Bulls gave me wings. I drank some, then gave them an elevated media guide.
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New York Rangers

"The World's Most Famous Arena." I had a hand in decorating it and promoting The New York Rangers.
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I am part of the reason that those who are not cord-cutters have satellite television.
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Verizon Wireless

I was more about “can you see me now” over “Can you hear me now?” I helped build that campaign. Not the copy though.
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Though I might never afford one, I understood the demographic of those who can and designed accordingly.
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Jaguar U.S.

Creating for Jaguar was incredibly difficult. I am not accustomed to lusting after inanimate objects–I used it as fuel.
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