Senior Designer

There is a moment in the careers of many people that we all stop and think “This. THIS is on what I want to be working!” Working with Young & Rubicam: Underman Brands in Orange County, CA was the initial satisfaction. Being asked to work on Jaguar/Land Rover was just a cherry on-top. Jaguar pulled the trigger on creating in-showroom assets to better engage the expendable income demographic. After a then-new market study, Jaguar noticed a trend that their client base preferred to research their purchases online first with as much information possible. It was no longer the time of walking in and kicking the tires, that part generally came just before purchase. This demographic was most-likely to enter a showroom ready-to-purchase after research—the initial part of this group wanted a “breadcrumb” of sorts as a reminder to research their options. Knowing that, we were tasked with overhauling the original brochures that were given to legacy Jaguar clients into a slicker, amenity-immersive take away that was much more contemporary than the prior versions that were intended for repeat customers. There was one hurdle—Jaguar wanted to print the same dimensions as the previous collateral. Y&R was updating from Quark to InDesign and was in this tenuous period of using plugins to attempt to salvage as much as the original files as possible as Quark was no longer giving support. In this, my technological savvy directly paid off. Without giving up trade secrets, I asked for the group of files and over the course of two days converted them to an InDesign-manageable format and we got to designing our hearts out. Our showroom collateral went from a dry, stuffy, status-symbol-based brochure that reaffirmed to clients that they made the right upgrade to a more-engaging, dynamic, “open this car up and feel it” spirit from copy to design. As soon as both the in-showroom informative larger-format brochure and the 22-page take away guide hit the hands of the “breadcrumb” seekers, sales hit a sharp upswing.
Showroom Features
Purpose: Recruit the new market of research-based buyers Market: National Media: Print Size: 16.5x4.125
Showroom Takeaway
Purpose: Recruit the new market of research-based buyers Market: National Media: Print Size: 5.5x4.125