Visual Designer | Art Director
I am quite deft at applying creative marketing strategies unilaterally across digital, web and print platforms with a focus on brand/style management. Cohesion is critical—I believe in a progressive, clean and purposeful direction when it comes to deploying marketing through layout and design. From sports and entertainment to in-house advertising agencies, I have worked with agencies like Young and Rubicam for Jaguar, brand management for DirecTV, Best Buy and Verizon and most-recently, sensationalizing the sports industry for Major League Soccer and The New York Rangers. • Design Lead • Digital Designer • Print Designer • Web and Digital Animator
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The Person
I was THAT kid—the kid who was always getting into trouble sketching, coloring and making little functioning machines out of rubber bands and scraps. But I never ate glue. I grew up addicted to the show “Bewitched” and told people that when I grew up, I wanted to be the show’s Darrin Stevens. I’d never imagined that sketching and creative tendencies would never actually become a viable career. • Civic-Minded Volunteer • Native Philadelphian • Sci-Fi NERD • Motorcycle Enthusiast • Veteran